Aerotec provides 3D point cloud modeling and imagery for pipeline (oil, gas, sewer, water, CO2) engineering/maintenance projects.

  • Leak Detection and Mapping (thermal imagery)
  • Subsurface (SONAR) Mapping Modeling
  • Surface (LIDAR) Mapping Modeling
  • Water Crossings (rivers & bays)
  • Wetlands Delineation (hyperspectral imagery)


Wind Energy

Aerotec provides LIDAR mapping for wind energy

  • Site selection
  • Site planimetric/contour mapping
  • Digital terrain modeling
  • Orthophotographs
  • ​Tree (shadow) modeling/analysis
  • Transmission line routing

Electric Power Generation

Aerotec provides airborne LIDAR and digital imagery for modeling power generation facilities.

  • Coal pile inventories
  • Transmission line routing
  • ​Facilities modeling
  • Emergency preparedness planning

Aerotec provides airborne and ground-vehicle based LIDAR, FODAR, and digital imagery for several electric power transmission, pipeline, and wind energy applications.

  • Engineering Models
  • Facilities Inspection
  • Facilities (ROW) Management
  • ​Rights-of-Way (ROW) Change Management
  • Transmission Line Routing
  • Structure/Attachpoint Location
  • ​PLS-CADD 3D Engineering Models
  • Vegetation Management (analysis and field inspaction - TopGun Veg Tool)
  • Infrared /Corona Inspection

Environmental Engineering

Aerotec provides several types of aerial photography and 3D terrain models for various environmental engineering projects.

  • Hyperspectral imagery (wetland delineation)
  • LIDAR (digital terrain models)
  • Oblique daylight color photography
  • Construction project progress reporting
  • ​Before/after construction documentation

Publication (eBook):  Assigning Risk Indicators to Hazard Trees


Electric Power Transmission

Aerotec provides LIDAR and FODAR (airborne and/or ground-based) in support of many engineering, design, change detection, encroachment assessment, and other applications.

Electric Power Substations

Aerotec provides airborne and ground-vehicle based LIDAR and digital imagery for as-built substation modeling, engineering, and maintenance.