The eagerness to learn, to lead, and to be led are all factors that make up the amazing team of committed individuals at Aerotec.  At Aerotec, LLC we view each employee as an important member of our team.  Aerotec, LLC continues to be successful because we consider each person to be a key contributor to the success of the company.

​Aerotec is an airborne remote sensing company specializing in providing 3D engineering models/data for several major industry groups, including (but not limited to):

Electric power transmission

  • Transmission line routing & design (to include line rating/re-rating)
  • Right-of-way vegetation management
  • Facilities inventory
  • Airborne inspection of transmission line facilities


  • Highways
  • Railroads
  • Airports (including military and general aviation airfields)
  • Waterways


  • Surface mapping
  • Sub-surface mapping / leak detection

Land Development

  • Large industrial sites
  • Golf resorts/courses
  • Surface mining


  • Military facilities (GIS database population / edit)
  • US Army Battlefield Robot Vision Research

If you feel that you are a candidate to join the Aerotec team, please send your resume to:

  • Please indicate the position you are applying for as the subject of your e-mail.
  • Aerotec, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

Aerotec is currently looking to fill the following positions:

PLS-CADD Engineers 
Construct 3D engineering models of electric power transmission facilities based on airborne LIDAR data.

AutoCAD, LandDesktop, and/or Microstation CAD operators 
Produce plan/profile and planimetric (contour) maps of electric power transmission rights-of-ways and areas - dimensioning skills are required..

AutoCAD and/or Microstation CAD operators 

  • Post process airborne LIDAR data to produce bare earth topographic models and maps.
  • Feature-code ground and aerial topographic features

TerraScan/TerraMatch LIDAR processors 
Analyze and process (edit) airborne LIDAR data using the TerraScan and TerraMath software suite

Field LIDAR processing technicians 
Purpose:  Responsible for a) collecting ground GPS and weather data in the field and b) processing collected data to a "field" level of completeness in support of airborne LIDAR data collection operations.


  • Field experience in land surveying preferred.
  • Frequent / extensive travel (within North America) is required
  • Competent computer skill required

Skills Required include the ability to

  • Navigate and relocate to and from various locations throughout North America
  • Coordinate ground control with Aerotec’s Geomatics Engineering team.
  • Establish GPS ground control in the field to support airborne remote sensing operations.
  • Work, throughout the US and Canada, with Aerotec’s field operations teams to capture accurate airborne remote sensing data for a variety of applications – extensive travel required.
  • Install, operate, and maintain GPS ground reference stations.
  • Install, operate, and maintain weather monitoring stations.
  • Process LIDAR data, in the field, to ensure adequate coverage, density, and accuracy.
  • Resolve issues related to the capture and processing of GPS, weather, and LIDAR data.
  • Ensure that Aerotec’s Quality Assurance practices/procedures are followed.
  • Package and ship field-captured remote sensing data to Aerotec’s headquarters offices for processing.
  • Perform other tasks necessary to ensure the successful airborne data capture for remote sensing field operations.
  • Support production operations when working out of Aerotec’s headquarters facilities.
  • Aerotec’s LiDAR processors are expected to be able to work with others in a field operations environment:
    • Make mature decisions and follow established rules and operating procedures
    • Accept responsibility for themselves and for the equipment they are entrusted to operate and support the field team (be a team player)
    • Be an independent, dependable self-starter and exhibit self-discipline and character

Field Support Crew Member/Instrument Operator (airborne data collection) 

Purpose:  Responsible for supporting airborne laser-scanning data capture operations and collecting various types of digital survey data in the field.


  • Field experience in land surveying preferred.
  • Frequent / extensive travel (within North America) is required.

Skills Required include the ability to:

  • Work independently and interact with / work in a team environment.
  • Plan, organize, and execute field operations activities.
  • Calibrate, operate, and maintain various field data logging and computing equipment (e.g., land survey instruments, GPS instruments, weather monitoring/logging instruments, etc.)
  • Process, organize, store and ship digital data - while operating in a field environment.
  • Prepare field operations forms and other related documents and reports.
  • Navigate and relocate to and from various locations throughout North America - extensive travel is required..
  • Safely operate various types of ground vehicles.

Pilots:  Helicopter (rotor wing) and fixed-wing pilots should submit their resumes for consideration.

Note:  These positions require the employee to be committed to customer service, product quality, and integrity as well as have the ability to work in a team environment.

Note:  Aerotec is a

  • Drug & alcohol free company
  • Equal opportunity company 


Aerotec is a company where all the doors are always open, the flag always flown, and we're all really nice people.