Our aircraft (fixed-wing and rotor-wing) mechanics are FAA-certified; and they are full-time employees.

If necessary, we can perform required maintenance operations and inspections in the field - enhancing our responsiveness to our customers' production schedules.

Fixed Wing Drone Aircraft

Fixed Wing Aircraft


Aerotec teams work with independent drone aircraft manufacturers/operators to collect pertinent point cloud data and digital imagery (daylight color and/or thermal) for several types of applications.

In most cases, Aerotec delivers aerial photography (color and thermal) for projects covering large expanses of territory.  The drones chosen for larger projects can stay airborne for hours and cover distances of 300 miles or more.

Our Partenavia P68C fixed-wing aircraft serves as a digital aerial photography platform for our collection of high altitude geo-referenced aerial photography.

The Partenavia can also be fitted with the FODAR cameras and/or LIDAR instruments. 

The aircraft can also be utilized as client, crew, and gear transport for long distance projects. 

Aircraft Maintenance

​Aerotec maintains its own staff of highly experienced pilots and aircraft maintenance personnel.  Also, Aerotec owns all its aircraft and remote sensing equipment.

Our facility is an FAA certified repair station. (Repair Station No. CRS09ER609I) 

Our office staff, flight crews and aircraft are always ready to meet our customer's demanding schedules.

Our AS350BA helicopter is equipped with state of the art MK II LIDAR systems, high-resolution color cameras for low altitude vertical and oblique aerial photography, and dual (forward and downward looking) high-resolution video cameras.

Optionally, the helicopter can be equipped with a) infrared and/or corona cameras or b) FODAR cameras [daylight color and/or thermal].