Side-scan Sonar - Underwater 3D Models

FODAR (creating 3D rendered point cloud - structure from motion) using photographic techniques provides an alternative to LIDAR for certain applications - especially augmented reality applications.

  • Electric power transmission vegetation management
  • Pipeline mapping
  • Change detection
  • Corridor (rights-of-way) encroachment assessment
  • ​Integrate LIDAR with FODAR

Airborne LIDAR

3D Point Cloud Modeling

LIDAR is an excellent technology choice for surface mapping/modeling.

  • Manufacturing facilities modeling
  • Airport modeling
  • Land development mapping
  • Railroad mapping / modeling
  • Pipeline corridor mapping
  • Surface mine mapping/modeling
  • Land (mine) reclamation mapping
  • Cemetery planning
  • Any type of area/corridor mapping

In partnership with EMC, Inc. (specialists in land surveying and mapping), Aerotec combines airborne LIDAR digital terrain models with 3D side-scan sonar point cloud data to provide continuous surface / subsurface mapping - in particular pipeline water crossings (rivers & bays).​

Camera sourced by WaldoAir

Airborne FODAR

Surface Mapping/Modeling


Publication (eBook):  Focusing on Results!  Applications involving LIDAR and digital imaging technologies


LIDAR (3D point clouds) is an excellent technology choice for mapping/modeling of terresterial areas and corridors.

  • Electric power transmission lines
  • Railroad rights-of-way
  • Airports (planning, obstruction analysis, etc.)
  • Military bases (GIS database population)
  • City modeling
  • Highway modeling
  • Cemetery planning
  • Any type of area/corridor mapping