Wherever dense, precise geo-spatial data is required, Aerotec provides a service. Since its founding in 1998, Aerotec has delivered LIDAR, FODAR, digital imagery, and data models to customers in the following industry groups.
- Energy

  • Electric Utilities
  • Pipeline (oil, gas, sewer, water, CO2)
  • Wind Energy
  • Hydro

- Transportation

  • Federal, State, and Local Highway Departments
  • Airports
  • Railroads
  • Waterways

- Land Management

  • Forestry
  • Surface mining
  • Land development (Resorts, Manufacturing, Golf Courses, etc.)

- Federal Government

  • Department of Defense (Army, Air Force, Marines, DARPA)
  • Department of the Interior (National Forests, Parks, etc.)
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

- Engineering & Land Survey Consulting Firms 

​Aerotec, LLC is a value-added services company.  Aerotec was founded in 1998 by engineers for engineers.  Aerotec uses state-of-the-art airborne remote sensing (data capture) and analysis (data processing) technologies to provide topographic maps (2D) and 3D models to its customers throughout North America. Aerotec's primary technologies include Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR/laser-scan), Photographic Detection and Ranging (FODAR), digital photography, proprietary and commercial (off-the-shelf) software, and specialized engineering analysis/design packages.

The absolute accuracy of Aerotec's LIDAR and digital imagery products is well within accepted engineering and mapping specifications and standards.

Using its advanced proprietary filtering and analysis software, Aerotec manipulates LIDAR / FODAR and digital imagery data to prepare three-dimensional visualizations and models that allow customers to move directly into primary engineering tasks faster.​ That is, Aerotec delivers "engineering-ready" 3D models for a variety of commercial engineering software packages.

Colored LIDAR Facilities Model (areas)

(natural color and/or color height bands)

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​Engineering/Facilities Applications

  • Electric Power Engineering (transmission)
  • Highway Engineering/Maintenance
  • Airport Engineering/Maintenance
  • Railroad Engineering/Maintenance
  • Power Generation Site Engineering
  • Pipeline Engineering/Maintenance
  • Facilities Engineering/Maintenance
  • Hydro Engineering/Maintenance
  • Facilities Management/Maintenance
  • Vegetation Management
  • Surface Mining
  • Military Facilities
  • ​Emergency Preparedness Planning

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